Walking tours 

If you just arrived in a new place it's great to have someone to show you around, tell you what to see, where to eat and so on. Our licenced and passionate guides will do much more than that. You will learn a lot about the history of Dubrovnik, way of living, architecture, game of thrones filming locations, city wall etc. Scroll down for more details.

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Old town tour

Did you know that in medieval times Dubrovnik was a independent city state which was able to keep its freedom despite Ottoman conquests? On this tour you will hear many other interesting stories from the history such as how Dubrovnik was founded, the great earthquake, abolishment of Republic of Ragusa, Dubrovnik in Yugoslav civil war in 90s of 20th century and much more. Besides the historical review, as we walks through the main Street Stradun, you can behold the monuments which shaped the lives of people in the past. From Franciscan monastery, Convent of st. Clare and Onofrio’s fountain you learn about the one of the first pharmacies and orphanages as well as water supply systems in the world. Later on, we will find out how was everyday life in Dubrovnik back in Middle Ages. Finally you will learn something about Croatia’s culture, local food and language along the way.



If you want to get to know the city like locals do, this is the tour for you. On this walk you will find out about the most popular attractions in town and important details about them like working hours, departure times, prices etc. The guide will also show you restaurants from ones with the best views to those with best prices. Furthermore you’ll find out where is the bar with the view on the open sea, with small but nice rocky beaches where you can try cliff jumping. Of course, we won’t pass the useful info like where to change currency at best exchange rate, where is the public toilet, etc. After taking this tour you will be more knowledgeable about the whereabouts of many interesting things in the city than many people who live here. Yes, seriously! You will receive a free map of the city as present, so you can mark the place of your choosing and find it much easier later on. Last but not least, during this tour the conditions for the tour are just perfect. So what are you still waiting for, book this tour and be a true local!

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Game of thrones 

Hello dear Game of Thrones fan! Welcome to King’s Landing ! Indeed, the city of Dubrovnik was chosen as the filming location for most of the exterior scenes of King’s Landing. One look at the architecture of the old town of Dubrovnik and you will realize that it was no random choice. On this tour we will take you inside the Fortress of St Lawrence which, for us, fans of GoT, is the famous Red Keep , home of house Lannister. From the top of the Red Keep, the breathtaking views of the Old Town are waiting for you! In addition, in this tour you will see shooting spots of Purple Wedding, farewell of  Myrcella, riot in King’s Landing and the one and only … Walk of Shame. If you book the extended version, after the basic part, guide will show you more scenes and finally take you  to wonderful Lokrum island with a boat where you'll sit on the real Iron Throne like a true Lord of the Seven Kingdoms :). Later may be have a swim in the lake ;)

Combo mix tour  

GoT & Old town 

Many of our Game of thrones fans want to hear    something about the city of Dubrovnik and Croatia as they learn the scenes from their favorite TV show. Likewise, often among our guests on tour, some are huge GoT fans but their companions not so much :)Both situations described  above are the reasons why this tour exists. If you recognize yourself in them, there is nothing to think about. You will get, like the caption says, the best of both worlds, history of Dubrovnik and GoT locations in a nutshell. Two  in 1. 


City walls tour

City walls of Dubrovnik are the main monuments which attracts so many people to Dubrovnik. With their 2 kilometers of length and magnificent appearance they make every local proud and visitors astonished. Walk on the walls and learn when, how and why they were built, stories about their fortresses and several entrances. Game of thrones fans will be pleased finding out which scenes were filmed on and inside the walls. At last, needless to say the views from the walls on the roofs inside the Old town are breathtaking. It would be a shame to come to Dubrovnik and not fully experience our stunning walls.