Welcome to Croatian hub, the capital city of Zagreb. With its close to a million citizens from all parts of Croatia and wider, it is the perfect place to meet variety of local people. You can see them running around hastily, but also relaxing with the cop of coffee in one of the many cafes  around the city center. Vibrant yet relaxing at the same time. When it comes to landmarks Zagreb has so much to offer. Zagreb Cathedral is the tallest church in Croatia, the main square of ban Josip Jelacic is the heart of the city, venue for all mayor events in the country, like fairs, protests, concerts, welcoming athletes, etc. On Dolac market you can buy  fresh local fruits vegetables and meat. Don't miss the chance the take a walk through Tkalciceva street, or simply Tkalca. All of this is just the beginning, Zagreb has many interesting museums, observation deck 360 with beautiful views, cannon that fires a shot every day exactly at noon and so on… Altogether - Viennese architecture but Mediterranean lifestyle. So, what are you still waiting for?  :)

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Many people find museums to be boring, and we are all about having fun, so the following question arises - 'Why do we have museum in our offer?'  From the look at their names and pictures, one can already notice how these are not ordinary museums. Inside them, you don’t just walk and watch, but truly interact with the content inside. Have a look below for more details about them.