Day 9: Konavle half day trip

Native museum of Konavle, Old Mills household, lunch in local restaurant

In this half day tour we will visit the wine region of Konavle, the southernmost part of Croatia. It was occupied by Serbo - montenegrian army in the civil war in the 90ies. On this trip you can learn not only about the war, but also how local lived here before the Industrial Revolution meaning before cars, modern factories, telephones etc. We will visit the native museum of Konavle in place Chilipi where they explain the production of silk and traditional dresses and costumes. After that we go to visit local family Djivanovich where the head of the family explains you how to make flour in an old fashion way using old mills which still works. Then you have free time to enjoy the very beautiful natural surroundings composed from wide forest with river Ljuta with its small but numerous cascades and waterfall. At the end we have a meal (of course local dish) in the restaurant nearby. We are back in Dubrovnik in no time. Best day trip from Dubrovnik if you ask the manager of CV :)