Day 10: Day off Dubrovnik

Day off/ Fun activities on land, sea and air

Being a ‘tourist capital’ Dubrovnik has truly a huge offer. You can do so many various things. Take a walk on the Walls, ride up inside the Cable car, or boat ride Lokrum island. Those are the 3 most popular attractions. Then there are more affordable activities such as walk through the park of Gradec, visiting fortress of saint Lawrence, going to one of the beaches etc. Regarding our offer you can book other daily trips like Montenegro, Mostar and Kravice, Elafiti islands and Mljet. For more details about these places visit our page: 'Location & activities - Dubrovnik - Daily trips(View More)'. As far as fun activities goes, there are activities on land, water, and in air. At the bottom of the page you have picture collection with prices and other details. You choose these activities after booking the trip.