St Blaise Patron of Dubovnik

On 3rd of February each year Dubrovnik celebrates his patron - saint Blaise. This festivity takes place from the year 972 so we strongly believe it is one of the oldest traditions in Europe and worldwide. The legend says how on that year (972) Venetians came to the city pretending to be merchants with intentions to sack the city. A priest called Stojko allegedly saw Saint Blaise in a small church of st Stephen. Patron Blaise told him to warn the city about Venetians real intentions. Locals managed to repel Venetians and thus defend the city. From then on people each year around 3 of February, honor their patron. There was a custom back in the middle Ages tied with this event called 'Sloboština svetog Vlaha' or 'Freedom of st. Blaise'. Every exiled law breaker was allowed to come and stay 2 day before and 2 after the celebration day without being called upon his misdoings. Today this feast is so popular that various events regarding it take place for more than 2 weeks. Concerts, masses, children’s workshops, musicians, dancers on the streets can be seen during this time interval. Main event is of course the procession where the clergy carries the relics of saint Blaise through the streets of the Old town. From the year 2009 the feast of st. Blaise is a part of UNESCO’s list of intangible cultural heritage.

In our Old town tour, our guide will not only share this information with you, but tell you more, answer your questions, show you the church of Saint Blaise and more.

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