Not sure where to go on your vacation ? We have the answer.

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Are you thinking about where to spend your vacation ? If so, may I have the honor to represent you - Croatia. One of the most beautiful coastlines in Europe, and probably wider. Just one look at this city from the sky tells you how this statement is no cliché. The Croatias gem is definitely the city Dubrovnik. It is located in far south Croatia, just 40 km away from Montenegro and around a 20 minute ride to the closest border with Bosnia & Herzegovina. It has around 40 000 locals. In the summer season the number of people who actually dwell in the city can be doubled due to not only tourists but seasonal workers as well, who come to work only for several months. Dubrovnik is not only about his amazing city walls. There are other attractions like cable car, or island called Lokrum. Needless to say, many restaurants, bars, souvenir shops, beautiful beaches, streets, clear sea, hills are waiting for you. Since we have guests from all over the world, for more than 50 years, our offer does not stop there, all sorts of walking tours, daily excursions, kayaks, jet skies, boats zip lines and many more. Don’t be shy to contact us. Pozdrav iz Hrvatske !

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