Daily  trips 

The city of Dubrovnik is located between beautiful Islands and  interesting countries. It would be a shame to come so far and not to explore some of them. Take a boat and have a relaxed day to Elafiti islands. Get to know Korcula, the birthplace of famous explorer Marko Polo, and try some of the prominent wines in Croatia, on Pelješac peninsula. The island of Mljet will astonish you with its beauty. It has the greenest national park in Croatia.  On land you have an hour drive to Montenegro or Bosnia and Hercegovina. Montenegro will amaze you with its dark treetops, landscapes and old towns. Bosnia and Hercegovina offers a variety of nationalities and religions, tasty food and beautiful waterfalls. Yes, it will be hard to choose, but anything you select, won't be a bad choice. 

Elafiti islands  



You want to spend a relaxing day on the boat ? In that case this trip is made for you. You'll have the chance to visit not 1 but 3 different island  called Lopud, Shipan and Kolochep. Lopud offers an Franciscan monastery from 14 hundreds. Many restaurants and bars are there for you to take a break after walking. Šipan is the biggest island with small but picturesque ports, and a palace with impressive 800m2 size. Kolochep is also known as Kalamota among locals. You will have the chance to enjoy on one of the few  sandy beaches in Croatia. Perfect finish of the trip. On the boat you will have free drinks and lunch (meat, fish or vegetarian) included in the price. Around 1 hour stay on each island enough time for a walk, swim or lunch. Clean see, calmness, and beautiful nature are waiting for you.

For the nature loving enthusiast  we have a special surprise. Beautiful island of Mljet  with its stunning national park will take your breath away. The Mljet National Park stretches over almost 5300 hectares, and 90 percent of its surface is covered in forest vegetation. Many of roughly 150 000 visitors a year say how they have never seen so much green. You will have a lot of time to explore the island. Most interesting are the 2 salty lakes called Small Lake and Big Lake. In the Big Lake you have a tiny little isle called Saint Mary with a very old Benedictine monastery from 12 century. You can encircle the entire isle in just ca 10-15 minutes walking. After exploring we recommend relaxation on the beach and swim in a clean and warm water of the lakes. 




Some local tourist guides say that this is the best daily excursion. It is because you get to experience different things. On the way to Korcula  we stop at Ston, interesting small town. There you will behold The Walls of Ston, the 5th longest fortification in the world. They were built to protect the salt fields which were an important source of income back in Middle Ages. If you decide to eat something there, Ston is also known as the 'oysters heaven'. They taste so good, they even won a international prize. The island of Korcula is home of Marco Polo famous Venetian explorer who traveled across Asia and back. Around 2 hours of your free time in Korcula. On the way back to Dubrovnik we will stop in one of the wineries on Peljesac peninsula which is practically covered in vineyards. Chance to taste some of the best quality red vines in Croatia of course free of charge.  We are coming to Dubrovnik with high spirits :). 

This is a country with beautiful mountains with dark trees, which gave this land its name. On the stop Verige you will have a great panoramic view of UNESCO’s protected bay of Kotor with 2 very small islands. One of them is artificial one called ‘Lady of the rock’ according to the interesting legend about its formation. City of Kotor is similar to Dubrovnik but with longer city walls. It has also the longest balcony in Southeast Europe and probably wider. The green bench on the Entrance is not small either :). You should try  homemade cheese and ham on their local market. After Kotor you next stop is ancient city of Budva where Madonna and Rolling Stones had concerts on 600 meters long sandy beach called Jaz. In the private version of this trip we take you (instead of Budva)  to the island Lady of the Rock and city of Tivat with its jewel - Porto Montenegro. 

Bosnia & Hercegovina

Konavle gastro tour (half day)


This is the trip to the country of Bosnia & Herzegovina, precisely Herzegovina region. On the way to Mostar, the first stop is small town of Neum, the only Bosnian place on the coast where you have 15min coffee break.  Before reaching Mostar, we will stop in Herzegovina's secret gem (not so secret in last years), the 25-meters masterpiece of nature - waterfalls Kravice. You can take pictures of impressive waterfalls and swim in the lake in front of them. If you are religious people instead of Kravice you can visit Medjugorje - place of apparition of Virgin Mary. It is the 3rd most famous sanctuary in Europe.  The main attraction in Mostar is the famous old bridge which was destroyed in Yugoslav war. As additional entertainment sometimes a young brave guys jumps from it. Mostar is a great place to get acquainted with Muslim religion and oriental architecture, as well as affordable local dishes.  In the private version of this tour we take you to Vjetrenica cave at the beginning of the journey. 

In this  half day tour we will visit the wine region of Konavle, the southernmost part of Croatia. It was occupied by Serbo - montenegrian army in the civil war in the 90ies. On this trip you can learn not only about the war, but also how local lived here before the Industrial Revolution meaning before cars, modern factories, telephones etc. We will visit the native museum of Konavle in place Chilipi where they explain the production of silk and traditional dresses and costumes. After that we go to visit local family Djivanovich  where the head of the family explains you how to make flour in a old fashion way using old mill which still works. Then you have free time to enjoy the very beautiful natural surroundings. Wide forest with river Ljuta with its  small but numerous cascades and waterfall. After that we have a meal (of course local dish) in the restaurant nearby.  We are back in Dubrovnik in no time. Warm recommendation from us.